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In the spirit of fostering kindness, respect, and all around good-spirited comradery between members, please note that by joining the Anomalous in all its forms (chats, RPs, etc), you hereby agree to adhere and abide to all of these rules.  Those who are found to be breaking rules will given an initial warning and, after that, a series of increasing punishments will be enforced.  

Punishments that can be enforced if rules are found to be broken:
Please note that we reserve the right to deal out more/less extreme punishments if necessary!
  • Formal Warning: Should a major rule be broken, you will be given a formal warning prior to severe punishment unless you are being outright dastardly!  Being given a formal warning puts a red flag on your account and staff will not tolerate any further offenses.  
  • First Offense: Week-long ban from chats; barred from activity IG activity (tokens/rewards/RPs/character creation/etc) for one week.
  • Second Offense: Month-long ban from chats; barred from IG activity for one month.
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban from chats; barred from IG activity for three months.
  • Fourth Offense: Permanent ban from the group.

Miscellaneous Possible Punishments:
These punishments may be given out if deemed necessary, aside from the formal warning system!
  • Bans from token/reward use OR entering events that offer tokens/rewards for a certain amount of time.
  • Bans from submitting RPs for a certain amount of time.
  • Bans from the group as a whole for a certain amount of time.

Formal Rules of Anomalous!

1. Respect one another!
Please use manners when interacting with your fellow Anomolies! This group’s purpose is to have fun and having fun isn’t always possible when people aren’t respecting each other! Use common sense. No name calling, talking behind people’s backs, no disrespecting other member's characters, etc. If you have a problem with another member, please note the group! We’re more than happy to help you out and try to solve the problem. On top of this, please respect the mods. We’re here to help make the game run smoothly and make sure everyone has a good time!  However, if you have a problem with a mod, please note me directly on my personal account, strideroo, so that we can get your complaint handled properly.

2. God-modding/Meta-gaming is forbidden.
Do not use another person’s character without their permission or force someone else’s character to do something the owner is not comfortable about. Do not make overpowered characters who beat everyone else. This is also common sense! Just ask the group if you’re not sure about how you’ve made your character and always run your plans by your RP partner! This avoids confrontation and ill-will. Building on this, no Mary/Gary-Sues. Every character should have a balancing set of shortcomings! No one is Superman!  No using of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions if characters would not be realistically privy to that information!

3. Please label all artwork and roleplays appropriately!
If your artwork or roleplay is violent, vulgar, or more suggestive than a PG rating, please use some courtesy and mark your images and stories as such! This group will be catering to a wide array of age groups, so keep that in mind when marking your content.

4. References must be submitted and accepted to the group before RP!
An approved character reference must be submitted and accepted to the group before any official roleplays may be accepted into the group.  While we know you must be over the top excited to get your character into play, imagine how disappointing it would be to start an RP before a reference was accepted and have the whole thing be considered void if a certain aspect of a character’s history/persona could not be accepted!  To be fair to all players in the group, please refrain from partaking in any art/literature before acquiring an accepted reference!

5. No Art Theft.
This is pretty straight forward - do not trace or reference off images if express permission was not given as this is illegal and considered stealing!  Stock images are okay, but otherwise please comply with the stock provider’s rules and please give credit where credit is due!  Gallery moderators will be in charge of checking to make sure stock images are given proper credit.  Please make their job easier by giving proper credit!

6. And most importantly, have fun!
This group is here purely for the enjoyment of its players so kick back, relax, and enjoy being the wonderful mutant that you are/will be!

Now that you have read the Anomalous rules and agree to follow them, follow this link to join the Anomalous chatrooms!

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January 10, 2016


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