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Getting Started in Anomalous

Hey there! If you’re here, it means you’re interested in joining Anomalous, which is brilliant! We can’t wait to have you on board, but we know getting started can be a little overwhelming, so here’s a little summary of everything you’re going to need to get on the road to owning your own mutant!

To get you started, head on over to Anomalous’ welcome journal to find out a little more about the group!
Welcome to Anomalous!Welcome to Anomalous!
What started back in late December of 2011 as a Proboards RPG has now been revamped and made the move to Deviantart!  We still have a lot to do in order to get the group up and running, but we hope to go live by the end of January 2016!  Rest assured the wait will be well worth it!  
The Main Idea!
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a massive meteor crashed into a land populated by many creatures, the most intelligent of which were the horses.  While the meteor's landing caused mass destruction and death, over the years its crater gradually became a vast lake at the center of the realm.  The lake, named Lake Vesta, became the primary water source of all the creatures and, as plants and animals began to repopulate its edges, things seemed to return to normal.  Over the years, however, strange things began to happen!  Fish with teeth and two-headed salamanders began to ap

After you’re done, it’s time to introduce you to the six herds that make up this little world:
Austerians - Herd Journal

Herd referred to as a: Kingdom (Currently a Shadow Empire territory!).
Males referred to as: Stags/Harts.
Females referred to as: Does/Hinds.
Babies/Youth referred to as: Fawns.
General View on LGBT Characters: Generally accepted - especially if monogamous!
While they rarely interact with the other herds, if an Austerian should come into contact with an outsider they are said to bare a look of gravity or seriousness.  It is this austere countenance - in addition to their typically sharp, angular features - that they are said to have been named!  Austerian’s known not only for being the tallest inhabitants of Anomalous but also as one of the most long-lived herds!  Whether due to their strictly herbivorous diet or the strong magic within their herd, it is not unusual for an Austerian to reach the ripe old age of 50 years old! While this tall and serious herd was once a kingdom u
Hihiri - Herd Journal:new: New Hihiri Holy One's apprentice added! :new:

Herd referred to as a: Tribe.
Males referred to as: Stallions.
Females referred to as: Mares.
Babies/Youth referred to as: Foals/Fillies/Colts.
General View on LGBT Characters: Not generally accepted*.
*Note that LGBT characters are not put to death but are socially shunned!
The islanders!  For the most part, the Hihiri are separated from the going-ons of the Mainland.  In the Old World there were two tribes, separated by the islands that they lived upon but, after the volcano erupted, the two factions were forced to live together on the southern island while the northern recovered.  While at first the combined tribes were swimming in conflict, they eventually decided they rather liked the arrangement!  Nowadays the islanders are part of one big tribe, led by two chieftains and a Holy Onea and spend their days doing what they do best -
Linx - Herd JournalGeneral Info
General Rules
 Roleplay Requirements
Getting Started
Seasons & Aging
Character Creation
Character Design
Magic | Types & Info
Tiny Heart by apparate Skill Leveling System
Herd Information
black heart [version 1] by Sila--Chan Austerian Herd
black heart [version 1] by Sila--Chan
Nombeko - Herd Journal

Herd referred to as a: Warren (entire Nombeko herd) & Clans (individual family groups).
Males referred to as: Toms.
Females referred to as: Queens/Vixens.
Babies/Youth referred to as: Kits.
General View on LGBT Characters: Accepted.
The tiniest inhabitants of Anomalous, the Nombeko have the unfortunate lot in life of being a favorite meal of the giants of the world!  Known to be a tasty treat to giant eagles and insects alike, the Nombeko carve out a living as a prey species.  As such, speed is highly prized both to run from predators and chase the insects upon which they feed - the favorite being large grasshoppers!  The Plains upon which the Nombeko live offer little protection from their predators - especially the eagles - the herd has dug a system of burrows to live in! They are often referred to collectively as the Nombeko warren.

Saraph - Herd Journal:new: Saraph is now classed as a nation! :new:

Herd referred to as a: Nation.
Males referred to as: Tiercels.
Females referred to as: Hens.
Babies/Youth referred to as: Chicks/Fledglings.
General View on LGBT Characters: Somewhat accepted*.
* Note that hen/hen relationships are generally accepted while tiercel/tiercel is frowned upon.
** Similarly, a hen attempting to transition into a tiercel is generally accepted, but a tiercel attempting to transition into a hen is frowned upon.
As of Winter - Year 1994, the Saraphs have joined forces with the Shadow Army and are now a part of the Shadow Alliance!
The Saraph are a herd of bird-like equids who are fiercely territorial/war-like in nature.  They live in the deepest part of the desert, thriving within an oasis nigh unreachable by someone travelling on foot.  Saraphs face many challenges from the desert.  On top of survivin
Scybillines - Herd Journal

Herd referred to as an: Order.
Males referred to as: Drakes.
Females referred to as: Femmes.
Babies/Youth referred to as: Hatchlings.
General View on LGBT Characters: Accepted.
The most religious in practice of all the clans, the Scybilline are wholeheartedly dedicated to their one and only deity, a goddess of the moon.  Long ago, the most devoted monks swore an oath that they would only live their lives beneath her protective gaze and so it was that the Scybillines gradually moved from being diurnal creatures to those of the night.  Nearly all black or dark of coat, the reptilian equids of the shrubland use their bioluminescent scales to attract their primary prey - giant moths!  They have many ceremonies that they must undergo throughout their lives, most meant to reaffirm their devotion to the moon.  The Scybilline compete against predatory butterflies for the moths upon whic

In love with one of the herds and keen to get started on your new mutant? Great! The Character Creation journal has everything you need - and if you have any questions, pop over to the FAQ as well in case it’s already been answered!
Character Creation - Updated!:new: All Starter/Foal designs must now be submitted to the Design Log as well as the appropriate Free Creation/Salamander Reward/Foal Designs folder! :new:
Click the link to submit your design to the new Design Record: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN! 
Don't forget to submit it to the appropriate gallery folder as well!
:new: Double new!  Please use the new Free Creation/Salamander Reward forms when creating designs!  :new:
Here at Anomalous, everyone starts with unlimited slots!  These can be filled with either Starter characters or In-Game Born foals!  While we encourage you to develop and keep all your characters active, we don't wish to bridle your creativity by limiting you to a certain number of slots.  So.  If you want a new character, go for it!  
How to Get an Anomali!
Every character starts with obtaining a design.
FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral Info
General Rules
 Roleplay Requirements
Getting Started
Seasons & Aging
Character Creation
Character Design
Magic | Types & Info
Tiny Heart by apparate Skill Leveling System
Herd Information
black heart [version 1] by Sila--Chan Austerian Herd
black heart [version 1] by Sila--Chan

It’s a little complicated at first glance, but never fear! All you have to do, once you’ve decided the herd you want your character to be in, is decide whether you’d like to create your character’s design yourself or whether you’d like one of the designs in the Pool, and then fill out the character form for them.

If you’d like to create your character’s design yourself, you’re free to do so! Just follow the instructions under Free Creation on the journal (and make sure your modifier genes are less than three). If you need help with your design, feel free to ask the mods questions in the chat, comment on the front page, send a note to the group, or put up a journal.  Lots of Anom members love to design characters and would love to help you out by coming up with a design for you.

If you want to claim one of the designs in the Design Pool for your character rather than creating your own through Free Creation (and keep in mind that the Design Pool can give you some gorgeous genes you can’t create without paying for them with Salamanders), then fill out a profile for your character and submit them through the google form.  A mod will then work through the profile with you and make sure it’s in tip-top condition before the character is accepted. Then, you can paw through the gorgeous ponies in the Design Pool and nab one of them for your character! Please don’t choose a design before your profile is accepted, though - your mod will let you know when you’re able to :)

The world of Anomalous comes with a few trickier design elements - mutations and gorgeous new colour genes that you can add to your character’s design! You’ll need to pick what mutations your character has, and what genes you want them to have, so to read up on them both, go here:
Anomalopedia | Mutations [Updated]:new: New common mutations added!  Enjoy! :new:
Mutations, Ahoy!
Centuries ago, when the meteor crashed into Anomalous and created a giant crater in its wake, it carried with it a precious form of space dust that dissolved into the waters that eventually became known as Lake Vesta.  Over the years, as the dissolved space dust was ingested by the inhabitants of the world, mutations of all shapes and sizes eventually began to appear.
At first, these mutations were mistrusted and looked upon with fear and trepidation.  But when it became clear that the mutated horses were far better adapted for the strange new world that Anomalous had become, the mutants were no longer seen as something to be feared; instead they were something to be admired.
Nowadays, the mutations - or adaptations, as the Anomali prefer to call them - are found in all corners of Anomalous.  Some adaptations are quite common while others are so rare they have become a th
  The Anomalous Complex - Mutated Genes:new: Dart Frog has now been added! :new:
Along with the strange new mutations that have sprouted on the equines, the gene pool of Anomalous has also mutated!  New genes have been sprouting up at random across all the herds, seemingly undeterred by location or bloodline.  Genes may suddenly appear without warning, particularly if the gods feel like stirring the pot. ;)  For more information on the new genes, read on!
The Calico Gene
Gene Sheet: Anomalous Complex | The Calico Gene
Brief Description:
Creates patchy white/black markings very similar to a calico cat's markings!  As with cats, only females will have the patchwork markings.  Females with a single copy will only show green eyes, as it takes two copies for the pattern to show upon the coat.  Males, whether dominant or carriers, cannot express Calic

You’ll also want to think about what magic your character has, or if they have any at all!
Magic - General Information:new: Information about Magical Outbursts has been updated below!
Here, there be Magic!
While mutations are nothing new to the inhabitants of Anomalous, magic most certainly is!  Some herds are more magically talented than others, but no matter where you’re from, the strange and wonderful new abilities that magic offers have caught all of Anomalous by storm!
All About Magic!
As one of the newest adaptations that Anomalous has come to know, there is much that still must be learned about its true power!  
What is known about magic is that it takes practice to improve - and lots of it!  Practicing magic can be quite taxing on the user, both physically and mentally.  For this reason, using caution while casting is highly recommended!  
Magic can be used both intentionally and unintentionally, the latter meaning that someone may use magic without actively intending to!  For example, intentional use of magic
Magic - Types {Updated}Magical Journal of Magics!
In the beginning, when magic first came to be, different types of magics popped up in all corners of Anomalous.  Some were with the ability and while others woke up one day suddenly capable of wondrously magical things!  Nowadays, certain magic types tend to be better suited for or exclusive to a particular herd or family group.
Magic can be improved with practice and training but, ultimately, it is age and experience that is the real humdinger!  Age caps apply to magickers across Anomalous, with only adults in their prime able to truly call themselves masters.  Leveling will be further discussed in our Skill Leveling System!  But, for your quick reference, here is the basic breakdown of skill levels!
Age/Skill Caps:
Points based on a 100 Point Max System
No Level:
- 0-2 Years Old.
- 0 Points.
Note: Can experience magical leaks at about 1-2 y

And while you’re filling out your character’s form, be sure to iron out its skills and Ability! It’s best to check up on the Skill Levelling and Ability journals for this, just to make sure everything’s in order!
Skill Leveling SystemSkill Leveling System

:new: Talented skill leveling added! Legendary/Divine level tiers added! :new:
Also updated Hostile Fight to include EXP for ties

 Staff will be working our way through the currently accepted references to make sure the appropriate changes have been/are made. All builds, regardless of gender and aside from Ability bonuses, will now have a total of point caps of 75 points, distributed across the various skills.  This way, no build is 'better' or can earn more total points than any other!  To be clear, this means that each build can now earn a total of 225 points across all three skills (Ability, Stamina, and Strength).

As you play with your character, points may be earned to increase their skill level through art/literature RP!  To see how Skill System here at Anomalous works, read up on the following!
General Age/Skill Caps:
Points based on a 100 Point Max System (inclu
AbilitiesSpecial Abilities
Abilities are unique traits that your Anomalous may have.  They allow your character to be extra-good at a specific skill, raising the cap of the skill in question!  They can either be inherited from the parents or chosen upon birth/creation.  Abilities raise the cap level of a particular skill above the others but cannot be changed once chosen, so choose carefully.  Only one Ability may be chosen per character.  Remember, some skills may afford your character better status in a certain herd!
:new: Hihiri Ability Update!
All Hihiri - existing and upcoming - will be able to start with a Secondary Ability!  No extra charge!All existing Hihiri - both Starter and In-Game Born - may note the group to choose their Secondary Ability and have it applied to their character.If you have applied a Secondary Ability token to your Hihiri character, guess what!?  Your character is now the proud owner of an

Bursting with ideas? Great! We can’t wait to see what you come up with and welcome you into the Anomalous community!
Here are a few other things you might need to know: how Salamanders work and our General Rules journal.
Salamander Reward CenterSalamanders run rampant across Anomalous!  One of the first creatures to experience mutations way back in the day, these painfully cute amphibians have become somewhat of a collector’s item who seem to appear to those who are being particularly nice Anomolies!  The most coveted Salamander is the elusive Rainbow Salamander; releasing such a special Salamander may even get the attention of the gods of Anomalous!
On your travels through Anomalous Salamanders of all shapes and sizes may find their way into your pocket, usually due to fantastic art/literature, helping new members, or generally being kind/helpful to the community!  By releasing these wandersome ‘manders back into good ol’ Lake Vesta, magical things happen and allow you to claim varying awards.
If you think another member of the community is deserving of some Salamanders, whether for fantastic art/lit or generally being awesome, send a note to the group with the following form and the staff wi
General Rules and RegulationsIn the spirit of fostering kindness, respect, and all around good-spirited comradery between members, please note that by joining the Anomalous in all its forms (chats, RPs, etc), you hereby agree to adhere and abide to all of these rules.  Those who are found to be breaking rules will given an initial warning and, after that, a series of increasing punishments will be enforced.  

Punishments that can be enforced if rules are found to be broken:

Please note that we reserve the right to deal out more/less extreme punishments if necessary!

Formal Warning: Should a major rule be broken, you will be given a formal warning prior to severe punishment unless you are being outright dastardly!  Being given a formal warning puts a red flag on your account and staff will not tolerate any further offenses.  First Offense: Week-long ban from chats; barred from activity IG activity (tokens/rewards/RPs/character creation/etc) for one

Good luck! If you still have questions, don’t panic, you can always leave a comment or note the group and we’ll help you as quickly as we can. There’s no such thing as a dumb question here in Anomalous!
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ThePaisley Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
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