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:new: Information about Magical Outbursts has been updated below!

Here, there be Magic!

While mutations are nothing new to the inhabitants of Anomalous, magic most certainly is!  Some herds are more magically talented than others, but no matter where you’re from, the strange and wonderful new abilities that magic offers have caught all of Anomalous by storm!

All About Magic!

As one of the newest adaptations that Anomalous has come to know, there is much that still must be learned about its true power!  

What is known about magic is that it takes practice to improve - and lots of it!  Practicing magic can be quite taxing on the user, both physically and mentally.  For this reason, using caution while casting is highly recommended!  

Magic can be used both intentionally and unintentionally, the latter meaning that someone may use magic without actively intending to!  For example, intentional use of magic could be if a Saraph used his/her Fire magic to set a bush on fire.  An unintentional use of magic, on the other hand, could be if this same Saraph got upset, causing sparks to fly at his/her feet while storming off in a huff!  

Both intentional and unintentional casting can cause varying levels of fatigue depending on intensity.  The good news is that, when it comes to increasing magical prowess, both types of casting increase the caster’s awareness - and therefore the skill - of their magic!

Age is also a factor when it comes to being able to use magic!  Magical capability develops in very much the same way as a baby’s brain develops.  While it is always there, it needs some time to grow and mature.  In most, magical ‘leaks’ begin to happen between one to two years of age.  During this time, the user has no control over their magic whatsoever and can unintentionally affect their environment if they experience strong emotions such as happiness, love, or hate.  While these ‘leaks’ are mostly harmless, younglings must be watched over carefully to make sure they are not a danger to themselves or others!

Between the ages of three to five, magic users finally begin to take control of their wayward magic!  It takes years to master any kind of magic but, as any experienced magician will tell you, it is a journey well worth making!

How to Be Fabulous Magical!

As mentioned before, the use of magic - both intentional and unintentional - can increase magical skill.  But… how does one become aware of their magic?  The unfortunate truth is that some will never unlock their magical abilities since the necessary gene, whatever it may be, simply isn’t there.  Thankfully, there are a few different ways that characters can become aware of their magical potential!

Be Born in the Right Place!

Some herds have been blessed with magic far longer than others.  For example the Austerians, who are rarely born without magic, are rumored to be magically skilled thanks to their close proximity to Lake Vesta!  On the flipside, being born a Hihiri generally means you won’t have any magical talent at all!  

Have Magical Parents!

Babies who have one or more parents with magical talent have a chance at being magical themselves!  Breeding and babies will be discussed in more detail in another journal but, in regards to magic the below applies.

If we assume that both parents are from the same herd…

- If both parents have the same magic type, the baby will inherit the same form of magic without a cap!
- If both parents have different forms of magic, the baby may inherit either one magic strain without a cap or both magic strains with a Medium Level Cap!  
- If only one parent has magic, the baby may inherit that strain without a cap!
- If neither parent has magic, the baby has a 15% chance of inheriting a magic strain from its herd, without a cap!  Note that, if rolled positively for magic, only the common magic types for the herd may be chosen unless a reward has been purchased!

If we assume the parents are from different herds…*

- If both parents have the same magic type, the baby will inherit the same form of magic with a Medium level cap!
- If both parents have different forms of magic, the baby may inherit one magic strain with a Basic level cap!
- If only one parent has magic, the baby has a 5% chance of inheriting that magic strain but will be capped at Basic level casting!
- If neither parent has magic, the baby will have no magic!

Please note that crossbreds are highly frowned upon so are therefore extremely rare.  Starter crossbreds must be purchased with a hefty pile of Salamanders!  In addition, in order to breed two characters from different herds you must present your reasons for why/how the characters came together when it is so highly frowned upon!  

* All crossbreeds, regardless of whether they are starters or in-game born foals, will be sterile unless the gods themselves have deemed the character worthy enough to reproduce!

Desprit and Esprit can only be passed maternally...  Usually.
This means that in order for your foal to automatically inherit Esprit/Desprit, their mother must have the magic, not the sire!  However, there is a 1/4th chance that sires can pass their magic to their children!

Releasing Salamanders!

The longer you actively play in Anomalous, the chances are that you are going to collect some strange looking Salamanders!  As the official group currency, this is a good thing!  By releasing some of your collected Salamanders into the lake, rewards can be purchased…  Two such rewards being able to boost the magical skill of a character or bless your character with magical talent, even if they didn’t have it before!  

Magical boosts and ‘unlocking’ magic can be done at any age, at any time!  What does this mean?  Exactly what it says!  Even if your character starts off without a shred of magic in their veins, if you collect enough Salamanders you can gift your character with magic at any time!**  

It is here that we will also mention that if you collect such a particularly outstanding hoard of Salamanders you very well may catch the eye of certain divine beings!  What this means is that, should you manage to find the elusive Rainbow Salamander in your travels, you can cash it in for a blessing (or curse, for that matter) from a god or goddess of your choice!  These blessings require a lot of time to create a solid storyline worthy of the gods themselves but rest assured we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!

** This does not apply to in-game born crossbreds, who must live with the roll they were born with unless there is some form of divine intervention!

Practice Makes Perfect!

As with many things, nothing worth having comes easily.  Mastering magic takes years and endless hours of practice but, with enough time and effort, it is possible!  Through art or literature depicting your character practicing or using magic you can earn magical skill.  

In addition to practicing by their onesy (savvy?) characters can practice magic with others!  Whether casting magic with a friend, fighting off a foe, or learning/teaching someone with greater/lower magical skill level, extra points can be earned to improve their magical skill even faster!

:new: What is a 'Magic Outburst'?

Since this wasn't clearly defined, as of 01/25/2017 the below will hereby be your guideline for Magical Outbursts!

Please note the Magical Outbursts below the age of three years (aka, before magical maturity) will be subject to rolls to determine whether or not their magic will be affected, whether the character is a Starter or an In-Game Born Foal.  See the Underage Magic section below for the roll guidelines!

For Magically Mature Starters
This will be based off of the starting amount of magic points.  

If magically mature (three years+) at the time of the outburst, whatever their Starter Magic Skill Point Total is upon creation, they can have an 'outburst' of up to one level higher.  For instance, starters that have 0 magic points from their Starter Bonus will be able to have an outburst of up to Basic level.  Starters who have had magic points applied will be able to go up to Medium level if partial points have been applied to their Magic Skill or, if all of the Starter Bonus points (ie, 20/20 Starter Bonus Points) were applied to their Magic Skill, can go up to an Advanced level magic outburst.  

Note that if you choose to depict your character experiencing a magical outburst before magical maturity (ie, 1-2 years of age) they will undergo the Underage Magic rolls to determine if their magic will be affected!

For In Game Born Foals
As with starters, foals with Inherited Magic Skill Points can have outbursts one level higher than their Inherited Magic Points total for foals that are Magically Mature (three years+).

However, if you choose to display a skill higher than Medium Level on a foal that is below three years of age (say, an Advanced Magic Level outburst on a foal who inherited Medium Level magic but has not yet turned three) they will need to be rolled to see if their magical maturity is delayed, unaffected, or capped at a higher level than Basic-Medium outbursts since such a powerful explosion of energy in such a tiny body would mess with the still developing magic organs.  

Underage Magic Rolls
Foals/Starters alike who use magic before Magically Mature (Less than 3 years old) who display magical outbursts will be rolled to determine whether or not their magic is affected!

Basic-Medium Level Outburst
  • 1-25 - No Effect on their magic.
  • 26-50 - Magical Maturity delayed by one year (Usually four instead of three)
  • 51-75 - Magically Capped (Minor); magic will be capped at one level lower than their highest possible Magic Skill Level (eg, Advanced Level cap on a Purebred)
  • 76-100 - Magically Capped (Major); magic will be capped two levels lower than their highest possible Magic Skill Level (eg, Medium Level cap on a Purebred).
Advanced-Master Level Outburst
  • 1-25 - No Effect on their magic.
  • 26-50 - Magical Maturity delayed by one year (Usually four instead of three)
  • 51-75 - Magically Capped (Major); magic will be capped two levels lower than their highest possible Magic Skill Level (eg, Medium Level cap on a Purebred).
  • 76-100 - Magically Capped (Extreme); magic will be capped three levels lower than their highest possible Magic Skill Level (eg, Basic Level cap on a Purebred).

Types of Magic

Now that you’ve learned all about magic, I bet you’re just dying to see what kind of magic is running rampant in Anomalous!  To keep things neat and tidy, we will list and discuss these in another journal!  

Magic - Types {Updated}Magical Journal of Magics!
In the beginning, when magic first came to be, different types of magics popped up in all corners of Anomalous.  Some were with the ability and while others woke up one day suddenly capable of wondrously magical things!  Nowadays, certain magic types tend to be better suited for or exclusive to a particular herd or family group.
Magic can be improved with practice and training but, ultimately, it is age and experience that is the real humdinger!  Age caps apply to magickers across Anomalous, with only adults in their prime able to truly call themselves masters.  Leveling will be further discussed in our Skill Leveling System!  But, for your quick reference, here is the basic breakdown of skill levels!
Age/Skill Caps:
Points based on a 100 Point Max System
No Level:
- 0-2 Years Old.
- 0 Points.
Note: Can experience magical leaks at about 1-2 y
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