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Herd referred to as a: Warren (entire Nombeko herd) & Clans (individual family groups).
Males referred to as: Toms.
Females referred to as: Queens/Vixens.
Babies/Youth referred to as: Kits.
General View on LGBT Characters: Accepted.

The tiniest inhabitants of Anomalous, the Nombeko have the unfortunate lot in life of being a favorite meal of the giants of the world!  Known to be a tasty treat to giant eagles and insects alike, the Nombeko carve out a living as a prey species.  As such, speed is highly prized both to run from predators and chase the insects upon which they feed - the favorite being large grasshoppers!  The Plains upon which the Nombeko live offer little protection from their predators - especially the eagles - the herd has dug a system of burrows to live in! They are often referred to collectively as the Nombeko warren.

Typical Build: Light-Medium (All Builds accepted).
Height Range7-9 hands.
Preferred Coat Colors: Golden coats/Rosette patterns.

General Appearance:
The shortest herd in all of Anomalous, the Nombeko commonly are light-medium in build and range from heights as short as 7-9 hands.  Nombeko never exceed their max height thanks to the family gene pool!  Widely known as the ‘prey species’ of the Plains, the Nombeko have to be quick and efficient in order to survive.  The Nombeko are generally golden in coat color, which better allows them to remain hidden amongst the tall and dry grasses of their homes but any generally any coat is accepted.  

General Herd Traits:
Competitive, Kind-Hearted, Respectful, Loyal, Flighty, Stubborn, Hot-Tempered

The Nombeko consume a primarily insect-based diet, with the addition of eggs or even sometimes fish if they can get them!  They can and do ingest plant-life daily.
  • Note that a Nombeko's diet should be primarily made up of nutrients derived from insects and greens!  
  • Eggs and fish, if captured, can be digested with ease.  However, Nombeko cannot digest any sort of meaty flesh outside of fish.
Magic Types:
Earth (Common), Wind (Uncommon), Electricity (Rare)
To see expanded descriptions of these types of magic, visit the Magic Types journal!

Automatic Mutation: 
Whiskers, Omnivorous Digestive System, Multiples (2-3 Pairs)*
* Note that only one Multiples (2-3 Pairs) may be applied automatically.  Secondary Multiples must be purchased with a Salamander Reward or applied with a token.

In order to better survive, the Nombeko have evolved a rather unique adaptation to help them navigate the burrows that they dig: whiskers!  Whiskers allow the Nombeko to feel their surroundings even when in complete darkness.  They are also incredibly cute when waggled.

Perhaps the more important adaption, though, is the acquisition of a nice set of rodent/fox-like chompers and an omnivorous digestive system to go with it!  The Nombeko are opportunistic and will take what they can get!  While the Nombeko cannot eat red meat, they are known to make meals of nearly all insects, eggs, and would chomp on a fish if given the opportunity!

Other Common Mutations:
The bulk of Nombeko mutations are based off of rodent-like species, with the unique addition of fox-like traits.  From rabbit ears to rat tails, the Nombeko can have them all!

*Multiples Notes!

Due to recent godly activity, Nombeko have begun to appear that bear a striking new mutation - multiples!  While these Multiples are limited to no more than two or three pairs, this means that you may now use Multiples as a Nombeko auto mutation!  Multiples may be applied to Ears, Eyes, or Tails and will feature the same type of eyes/ears/tail already present on the character unless two different forms of these mutations are already present!  For example, a Nombeko starter may feature multiple fox tails but, if a rabbit tail mutation is present, they may have one fox tail and one rabbit tail!  A single Multiples is considered an Automatic mutation; a secondary set of Multiples (ie, Multiples - Eyes + Multiples Ears) would require a Salamander Reward purchase.  See the examples below for some starter examples!

- Whiskers/Omnivorous Digestive System (Automatic), Multiples (Tails - Double), Fox Ears, Fox Tail.
- Whiskers/Omnivorous Digestive System (Automatic), Multiples (Ears - Double), Rabbit Ears, Rabbit Paws.
- Whiskers/Omnivorous Digestive System (Automatic), Multiples (Eyes - Triple), Fox Ears, Fox Tail, Colored Eyes.

Anomalous | Nombeko by Seele-Studio

The Nombeko Plains stretch from the foothills of the Linx Mountain Range to a giant fault in the earth known as the Gish, which marks the border between the Nombeko and Saraph territories.  The Gish is a sheer drop in most places but, can be crossed in most areas where the crack is not as wide or steep.

While the Nombeko have claim over the foothills of the mountains, for fear of predation by a Linx they do not often travel there alone.  Thankfully, the Linx rarely travel the eastern reaches of their territory except to make sure the Nombeko are keeping to their side of the border so confrontations are rare!

The Plains themselves are filled with tall grasses and piles of rock that serve well as outposts.  Burrow entrances are scattered across the Plains but the Nombeko know where most entrances are and rarely fall into them unless trying to impress the ladies.

All in all, weather is somewhat predictable in the Plains.  Springs are mild in the Plains and is arguably the most pleasant and plentiful season.   Summers are hot and can be quite humid, while fall is mild in comparison to the cold winter.  Snow does not usually fall in the plains except in thin layers that generally do not last for more than a day or two.

What aren’t predictable are the extreme rainstorms or tornados that have been known to touch down upon the Plains!

Current Overseer: Gowon of the (NPC) - Position Open to be Replaced!

Unlike all the other herds, the Nombeko don’t have a set ruler such as a king or queen for the simple reason that the high likelihood that said ruler would get eaten without warning!  As such, the Nombeko have instead separated themselves into family groups, with individual matriarchs/patriarchs of family clans holding a leadership position within the family.  If asked who their high authority is, the Nombeko send the Overseer, the matriarch or patriarch of an often large/successful clan who has been voted to handle clan or territory-wide disputes/issues!

Nombeko family clans live much like a natural horse herd, with various clans occupying specific areas within the Plains that may or may not be challenged for to improve hunting or protection!  The largest and most successful family groups live closest to the System, the oldest Nombekian tunnels in the heart of the Plains.  Smaller or new family clans live on the outskirts where hunting may be less plentiful until their family grows strong enough to challenge for a better territory.  While there are a few family clans that are well known due to their lengthy establishment, family clans are constantly being created, split, or dismantled with the passing of time and individuals.  Your Nombeko may leave their birth clan at any time to join a different family clan if approved by that clan's matriarch or patriarch or, if they are old enough, may branch off and create their own!

When you create a Nombekian character, feel free to join any Open Clans!

If you would like to start your own Nombeko Clan, simply fill out this form and note the group so that we may add it to the journal!
Name of Family Clan: What is your Family Clan called?  Clans are often named after things found in nature but may be named after the founding Matriarch/Patriarch or another family member of influence!
Current Matriarch/Patriarch: Your character may be the Matriarch/Patriarch of this class if they are of 15 years or older.  If not, feel free to make this position NPC or open to be filled by another member!
Clan's Hunting Grounds: Where does this family clan live?  You may listed this as a location in the Plains based on direction (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW).
Clan Status: Is this clan open to new members to join or is it closed?
Clan Description: Include a brief description of some generic clan traits, such as typical coat color, rank, or magic!

Current Nombeko Family Clans

Reed Clan

Current Matriarch/Patriarch: Gowon (NPC Tom) - Current Overseer.
Clan's Hunting Grounds: Western Plains.
Clan Status: Open!
Clan Description: This clan is large and well known for being descendants of Lokan!  Most often, Reed Clan members are red in coat.  It is an honor to be considered a part of Reed Clan, especially since their Patriarch is the current Overseer!  Reed Clan members tend to be a little bit more arrogant in terms of personality and are often a bit heavier in build.  Reed Clan holds the largest and safest hunting grounds to the West, as they have since the days of Lokan!
Clan Creator: Group Hosted.

Featherhead Clan

Current Matriarch/Patriarch: Thistlewing (NPC Queen).
Clan's Hunting Grounds: Northwestern Plains.
Clan Status: Open - Queens Only!
Clan Description: Featherheads, as they call themselves, is a large and exclusive queens only group!  Only the toughest and capable queens are accepted to be a Featherhead.  Most Featherheads include names bird-like in origin/concept and, during breeding season, Featherhead queens will go out and pick a male to breed with and return to the group.  Featherheads don't typically take on mates and, if they do, often leave to join their new mate's clan.  Male kits, when born into the Featherheads, are raised until they are about three years of age and then forced to leave the Clan.
Clan Creator: Group Hosted.

Kitskeeper Clan

Current Matriarch/Patriarch: Angelyn the Holy Prophet.
Clan's Hunting Grounds: A series of intricate tunnels in the Northern plains.
Clan Status: Open, to believers in the holy message.
Clan Description: Founded when a Talonbait queen had a false vision and fled the clan to begin her own refuge, Kitskeeper was originally a haven full of acceptance and kindness. Unfortunately, it has become the front for a dangerous cult! Led by a conniving queen named Angelyn, members of this clan believe that the strongest, most beautiful, and most obedient of their ranks will Ascend to a heavenly plane, chosen by gods! Especially beautiful kits are often kept inside to preserve their beauty, and the matriarch personally gives her blessing to each mated pair in hopes of auspicious kits. Many members are raised from birth to be obedient and well-groomed in hope of Ascending themselves. It’s all a front, sadly, as the Ascended are simply sold to Saraphs as slaves while the clan remains unquestioning. They are known to steal beautiful kits and raise them as their own, away from the ‘atrocities’ of the world. Sworn rivals of Talonbait.
Clan Creator: theshoulderissue 

Southern Clan

Current Matriarch/Patriarch: Horcrux (NPC Tom).
Clan's Hunting Grounds: Southern Plains.
Clan Status: Open!
Clan Description: A simply named but successful group, Southern Clan lives - predictably - to the South.  They are a massive clan but, due to close proximity to the Beryl Bay and slavers, a constantly shifting one.  Southerns are one of the few clans who have an active relationship with the Slavers, choosing the peaceful handing over of a certain percentage of kits once weaned over to the Saraph slavers in order to keep the peace.  While many other family clans frown upon the Southerns, they do hold a level of respect since their pact with the Slavers keeps the Saraph raids at bay.  Southerners see their group as the protectors of the rest of the Nombekian Plains, since they act as a buffer for raids, and are often quite proud of their clan for this.
Clan Creator: Group Hosted.

Talonbaits Clan

Current Matriarch/Patriarch: Uress the Claw (NPC Queen)
Clan's Hunting Grounds: Nomadic, but favoring the Northeast Plains.
Clan Status: Open - but only to those willing to prove themselves!
Clan Description: The Talonbaits are a small group of savage and crafty Nombeko that worship Gaophos in a strange way: they pride themselves on sacrificing to and ambushing the eagles. They set traps for the birds, usually featuring their own newborn kits or any kits that happen to be handy, as the bait. Every litter born into the Talonbaits must be set out for the eagles. Whichever kits survive the ambush are accepted into the clan and considered blessed for every scar they sport. Appearance and gender mean little to the Talonbaits, beyond what scars and trophies you can boast about. An unmarked body is the sign of a weakling. The Talonbaits consider their eagle hunting as a service to the other weaklings of their kind, as every eagle killed is one less predator to attack the other herds. Occasionally, when their clan numbers swell too far, a raid is arranged on the eagle nesting grounds to smash and carry off as many eggs as they can. To survive a raid and come away with eggs to feast on is a sure sign that the Nombeko in question will be considered for leadership of the clan. They have a fierce grudge rivalry with the Kitskeeper clan, and often try to lure away their clan members... or use their kits for bait too!
Clan Creator: Frostwalker 

Despite being separated into family groups called ‘clans’, the Nombeko clans as a whole share the same ranks and positions that help aid them in the pursuit of survival.  Unlike other herds, the Nombeko do not have a dishonorary rank.  Those who disappoint in one rank are placed in another but, for the sake of survival, everyone performs to their highest ability as anything less than the best means death no matter who you are!
  • Matriarchs/Patriarchs (15+ Years Old): Matriarchs and Patriarchs are the heads of a family clan!  Matriarchs or Patriarchs may rule over their clan as an individual who take a mate not considered their co-leader or as a mated pair of co-leaders!  This rank holds the most responsibility to an individual, as the health of an entire clan rests on their back!  
  • Elder (20+ Years Old): The oldest individuals of the Nombeko clan, Elders are highly respected and cherished amongst the herd for their ability to survive all the trials that the Plains throw at them.  The opinion of an Elder is held in highest regard, as their life experiences have seen them to the most plentiful years amongst the Nombeko!  Elders retire to a comfortable life spent mostly in the burrows and catered to by the young adults of the clan but it is not uncommon for them to lead hunts or train sentries in order to impart their knowledge first hand upon their successors.
  • Catchers (8+ Years Old): Catchers spend nearly their entire lives hunting for the clan.  Speed is integral amongst the catchers, as they must be quick enough to capture their fast-footed prey and able to dodge eagles if they come about.  Catchers are the rank most often golden in coat, as it benefits them greatly to be nearly invisible amongst their surroundings!  Catchers are not punished for coming back empty-pawed, as catching the type of prey they hunt is a feat, but those who come back with a bounty are praised and celebrated.
  • Brutes (10+ Years Old): The guardians of a Clan.  Usually the biggest of the bunch, brutes tend to be males but can also be females and use their strength to fight off any dangers that present themselves to all ranks of the clan.  Brutes work alongside Catchers and Sentries, watching carefully should their services be needed.  Their rank is one of the most honorable that a Nombeko can hold but it is one of the most dangerous.  Many brutes never live to reach old age, let alone fifteen years of age.  Brutes have an intimate knowledge of how eagles hunt and spread their knowledge to as many apprentices as possible as quickly as possible, just in case they should be killed!
  • Sentry (8+ Years Old): Tasked with the important job of keeping an eye out for predators or any other threats, sentries watch over catchers as they hunt.  Sentries are taught a series of special calls that indicate different situations at hand.  Sentries must be fast and quick-witted, as it is a sentry who must warn their brethren of incoming danger!
  • Babysitter (5+ Years Old): Babysitters can be either male or female and are tasked with watching all the pups within a clan while parents are out hunting or being sentries!  Females can sometimes nurse babes while males provide protection but, no matter the gender, babysitters play with and entertain kits of all ages!  Being a babysitter is a very important rank, as it is the job of a babysitter to take care of the next generation.
  • Excavator (8+ Years Old): The excavators are those who dig the tunnels!  Often working in teams much like firemen who hand buckets of water to each other, excavators work hard and long hours making sure fresh tunnels are dug safely and made secure as well as ensuring that current tunnels are still safe to inhabit.  An excavator’s opinion is taken as law.  If an excavator says that a tunnel is not safe to live in, entire clans will move in order to prevent disaster.  
  • Kits (Less than 5 Years Old): The babes of a clan, kits enjoy a pampered life.  Fed, bathed, and entertained in the safety of the burrows and the Plains just outside of den entrances, kits have little a care in the world until the age of three, when they are often apprenticed by an elder of the herd or experienced adult in the station that they wish to pursue!

Primary Deity | Gaophos, God of the Wind.
Demigods | N/A.

Gaophos, God of the Wind by strideroo

Gaophos is a very clever god who uses his powers of the wind to hear all the words and whispers of the world.  He seems to be an all-knowing god, although what he knows is subject to scrutiny as he also hears the lies of those he listens to.  Nevertheless, Gaophos is seen as the trickster amongst the gods, and seems to be heavily untrusted.

Untrusted by all except the Nombeko.

Gaophos is the chief god amongst the Nombeko due to his ability to use his intellect to his advantage, a trait that the Nombeko find admirable.  He is a god depicted most often as very fox-like, with fox ears and nine fox tails, a red coat, and the hooves of a horse.  Gaophos is said to be the god that called to the Saraph to help rescue the Nombeko from certain extinction when the eagles descended en masse upon the Plains…

But others argue that it was he that sent his eagles to the Plains in the first place.

Not a hugely religious herd, the Nombeko value family bonds over all else and spend their entire lives providing and protecting their kin.  

Not so long ago, the Nombeko were nearly wiped out when an unexpected attack by the giant eagles of Anomalous had cut them down to near extinction.  Thanks to timely intervention of the pegasus of the Saraphs and the reptilian monks of the Scybilline, the Nombeko survived but, ever since, the herd has held a debt to both herds - primarily the Saraph.  Many are uneasy about this situation, especially when it comes to the Saraph, but most accept that the debt is a necessary evil that allowed the clan to survive.

The Nombeko have no real leader and, while they see themselves as one people, are made up of several different familial clans headed by a dominant tom and queen, although this rank is purely superficial and has no sway amongst the rest of the herd.  

With life returned to normal since the war, the Nombeko have done their best to create the semblance of normalcy amongst the people.  However, with the strength of the Saraph rising, many wonder if the Saraph will not cash in the debt owed to them sooner than later… and at a cost.

Queens are the only females to give birth to multiple babies per birth.  While birthing triplets is uncommon, twins are far more usual than a single birth at no detriment to the kits or their mother.  Queens must take a break every three years when it comes to giving birth but, in the interest of keeping their numbers high, queens in the Nombeko herd are the only ones able to give birth to twins or more three years in a row without harm!

Since Nombeko is a collection of hard-to-define clans, they're often referred to collectively as a warren! They are still sometimes called a herd, but warren is the common term.

Most often, mates are chosen young and, whether love is involved or not, most mates stick together for life.  Adultery is common and may or may not be frowned upon depending on the individual.  No matter the case, inbreeding is highly frowned upon and punishable if discovered!
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